Hi, welcome to my website.

Thought it may be a good idea to give you a little run down about my background.

Well, I’m a businessman, based in the North East of England and I have a number of diverse business interests, ranging from a domestic cleaning company (of which I have two) plus a teeth whitening operation and my Internet marketing outlets too.

In the past I also studied to obtain a Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis which I used to launch my own hypnotherapy practice, I also at one point became an Approved Driving Instructor here in the UK and I worked for a while as a franchisee of two companies, the British School of Motoring and the Automobile Association, eventually leaving the latter to set up on my own.

All of them are (or were) home based businesses, although in fairness, I’ve tried offices at various points too, but there’s something nice about knowing that I can stay home, no matter what the weather, with the obvious benefit of no commuting and no office rentals and business rates to pay either.

My Internet outlets tend to focus on software development, mostly plugins which are obviously aimed at the WordPress market and which I sell, alongside free software, from this website.

So my career has been relatively varied, mostly because I like that variety, but also, being self employed, I always think it’s better to have additional skills that one can turn to in life.

At the time of writing this introduction in late May 2017, I am in the process of totally revamping this site, as the days, weeks and months go by, I’ll be adding to it in the form of hints, tips and advice and I’ll also be offering both free and paid for software, mostly plugins, but there’ll be the other odd item, outside the plugin arena offered as well.

Questions? Use the Contact Form¬†email facility by clicking on the link – in the menu ¬†– at the top of the page and if you require a reply, I’ll usually respond within 24 to 48 hours, sometimes sooner, but on occasions I may be away on a business trip, in which case replies can be delayed – if this happens, bear with me, but I will get back to you.