Recommended Dedicated Hosting Provider

Here’s My First Choice For Dedicated Hosting with a rating review covering three areas.

I’m often asked about hosting companies and who I recommend.

Well, I’ve tried several of them, ranging from Hostgator to eUK Host and D9 Hosting to name but 3 of several, but the business I’d recommend above all others for dedicated hosting requirements is 247-host.

They’re Canadian based, but having my sites aimed predominately at the UK market isn’t the ideal place for page loading reasons, but for American customers, they also have data centres in the United States too.

For those who may not know what I mean by page loading speeds, that’s the time it takes for your site to fully appear on screen when visited by a potential customer.

The longer it takes, the more likely people will get sick of waiting and close the link and perhaps move onto a competitor, Google are known to take page loading speeds into consideration when ranking your site, so speed is a very important factor, although not the only area that you need to be careful with.

Ideally, your host should be in the country where you live, or at least fairly close by, the further away you are, the more it can affect your site’s speed.

I preferred a dedicated server for my hosting, I overlooked where their equipment was based and I have used them for a number of years to host my sites with absolutely no regrets.

Certainly, if you’re an American or Canadian with websites aimed at either of those markets, then 247-Host should seriously be considered if you’re thinking of changing hosting companies – plus, you’ll almost certainly save money too as their prices are highly competitive.

That said, I recently moved my sites from a dedicated server with 247 to shared hosting with Amazon, why?

The main reason was Amazon’s servers which are highly regarded in the industry for reliability and ‘uptime’, but other reasons were their higher speed and the fact that the server that I chose is based nearer to the UK than 247-Host’s Montreal infrastructure, namely Dublin, just over 300 miles from the North East of England.

But don’t discount them if you’re in the UK and you’re looking for an excellent DEDICATED host combined with equally excellent service.