All Change

This website is undergoing a major revamp over the next few weeks and will be back on January 1st 2020, upon our return this site will be offering the following services:

  • Helping local business appear in the Google Three Pack, sometimes referred to as Google My Business.
  • Video Marketing for local businesses.
  • Providing training courses via video or the written word in the business opportunity/Internet Marketing niche.
  • Supplying free and premium WordPress plugins.
  • Introducing genuine reviews of Internet Marketing products, we’ll tell you what you need to know and whether a product is worth your hard earned cash.

There will be a number of empty pages (labelled ‘Coming Soon’) while everything is being created, however that will change on an almost daily basis over the coming days and weeks.

The Google three pack page is 80% complete and there’s a link to it on the page menu, this should be finished within the next few weeks.

Thanks for visiting the site and keep checking back to view the pages listed above as they appear.